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Meeting You & Other Poems

By Carolyn Bennett

Meeting You  ∙ Ode to a Thinker  ∙  Burning Bright  ∙  Inception  ∙  Walking in the Park 

∙  Huh  ∙  A Whisper  ∙  Life's Beauty  

Meeting you

Meet at the gate,

face to face,

one glance,

one smile,

one shot,

a moment,

then time deals the hand.


Ode to a thinker

The Thinker sits upon a throne,

naked to the truth,

pondering & examining life,


oblivious to the new world around,

exposed & vulnerable to seers,

will the minds connect,

or will they just imagine the potency,

of the message before them?

The Thinker rests.


Burning bright

Who are you? who am I?

let me freeze time whilst i examine the complexity of our intimacies,

can you see me? do i see you?

does mutual appreciation show?

or does the courtesy of time concede to me,

is the light a reflection or does it burn from inside?

your interest, sentiment and knowledge make you larger than i knew

down to earth, grounded i fall, you are human after all.



The beginning was empty space,

floating through time,

void of meaning

or feeling

till i met you.

Grounded by love,

joy filled the spaces

and grounded me. 

Revealing meaning beyond expectations,

no more empty space,

no more empty talk

or lost feelings

grounded & founded.



Walking in the park

Walking in the park just before dark,

I wandered through the trees,

when little eyes looked at me,

through the leaves i felt the sense that something wonderful was waiting.

searching this beautiful beast of a tree,

a hollow came in view,

inside was a possum curled up but looking to see,

who had disturbed its slumber, just me!

we stared at each other, exchanged a moment and both realised we were safe and happy

to just be.



Elegance of words,

structure & prose,

minds & restless souls,

precious desires untold,

poets and thespians

mortals and men

expressions on the wind.


A whisper

A little note to whisper in your ear,

hello, i am still here.

thinking of you through day and night,

wishing you could hold me tight,

remembering the way, you hold my hand,

sometimes it’s too hard to stand,

the silence between the miles,

so, i just had to send you smiles.


Life’s beauty

Like a beautiful pink rose blooming in the sunlight,

the petals have slowly been opening, careful not to burn,

stretching out to get the morning dew,

as nourishment of life.

Brilliance is the imperfect rose,

full of character,


and inspiration.



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