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Glorb's Intergalactic Short Story Response

Glorb The Mortified is available for hire as an Intergalactic Short Story Responder

Why should I Pay Glorb a Penny for his thoughts?

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Greetings, earth friends. I am Glorb, the Mortified. Glorb is available for hire as an Intergalactic Short Story Responder for earthlings who have received an honourable rejection letter from Flunk Magazine. Maybe you think "Hmmm, why was my story not accepted?"... Glorb reads all. Glorb is therefore sufficiently knowledgable as to why some stories are accepted, while others are bestowed the worthy honour of rejection. In exchange for earth currency, Glorb will tell you very honest things about why your story was rejected. By participating in this exchange, you support Glorb The Mortified in his job as Editor in Commander of Flunk Magazine. You may also find that receiving detailed feedback will excrete an "improving effect" for your future writing endeavours, or so Glorb thinks.

Do I Qualify for Glorb's Intergalactic Short Story Response?

science fiction magazines accepting subm

1. Have you received a rejection letter from Flunk Magazine?

2. Was your submission a Genre Fiction Short Story? 

3. Have you a desire to receive critical feedback on your writing?

If your answer was yes to all three, then congratulations! You qualify for Glorb's Intergalactic Short Story Response Service!

One Final Warning!

Glorb is honest. Employ him for Intergalactic Short Story Editing at your own peril. He may say many things that you do not want to hear. Glorb is a simple creature who desires one thing beyond all others: entertainment. Glorb will, therefore, give writing advice with the sole intention of improving the entertaining qualities of your writing. Glorb might say things like "Hmm, this could be [scarier, funnier, awsome-er] if only [their face melted off, the cat meowed, the spaceship exploded]." Take his advice with a pinch of glorbite. Choose carefully and good luck!


1. Can I pay for Glorb's Short Story Response if my story hasn't been rejected yet?

Sure! However, if your story is accepted for publication, we will have to refund your purchase, and pay you $50.00 instead.

2. Does Glorb offer refunds? 

Glorb's advice is non-refundable. A thing that is said cannot be unsaid, or so Glorb thinks...

3. Why should I Pay for Glorb's Intergalactic Short Story Editing?

Feedback is vital to improve creative writing. That goes doubly for honest feedback. Sure, you might be able to get advice from friends and family, but they say things like "Wowwww, it was so amazing!" or "It was just brilliant, I wouldn't change a thing!"... They are lying, or so Glorb thinks. By paying for Glorb's Intergalactic Short Story Editing you support small publishing, and get something valuable in return.

Haven't submitted a Short Story yet?

Send your submission to in DocX or PDF format. 12pt font and double spacing

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