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Full-Time Artist | Laura Golding

Laura completed a Diploma of Fine Arts at St George College. She has presented exhibits around Sydney, including at the Gaffa in the CBD. She has further developed her work independently, with a focus on portraiture and self-portraits. Her development has included experimentation with media and substrates, exploring how these two components can interrelate and exact her vision.


Laura Golding’s work often takes a mixed media approach; working with watercolours, acrylic, pastels and oil sticks. She implements several mediums within one piece in order to layer her works, creating both abstract/visual marks along with rendered realistic elements. This approach creates a palimpsest effect, in which images are layered over the substrate. This technique allows an aesthetic appeal to her work, but it also references the chaotic nature of the themes she wishes to portray.


A common theme in this collection of work is altered states. Her work wishes to capture a lived and sensory experience of having entered altered conditions. Some aspects of her work are hazy and others are pulled into focus, much like the experience of being in an altered state. Further, this collection highlights her passion for colour, and how it can portray a kind of manic state when coupled with expressive lines that merge into, and onto, one another.

You can see more of Laura's art on her Instagram here
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