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Digital Feelings, 2019-2020 | Holly Ahern

Holly is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring different mediums to communicate a practice-based approach to art making. Having worked casual positions in the hospitality and retail industry for the past 10 years, she is still conflicted by the mental clutter that comes along with telling people that she is striving to be a professional “artist”. Holly has worked with a number of primary and high-schools throughout the east-coast with the SCU Unibound program, which aims to de-mystify the struggles of choosing to pursue a career in the creative industries.
She is currently undertaking her honours research in Art and Design, and is working on a project that has changed multiple times out of necessity while adhering to the current COVID-19 dilemmas. In academia, her writings come from a place of confidence and hope for a better future in the industry, while her artistic practice outside of academia takes on otherworldly qualities that construct narratives around otherness, femininity and the honest struggles of an anxious mind.
You can view Holly's video profile in the Regional Artists Profile Series here or check out her on Instagram @shmartistartist
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