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Snowy Frankland | Editor of Issue No.2

Snowy is an undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Creative Writing.

The goal for Flunk Magazine is simple: create a professional magazine to showcase the creative work of Southern Cross University students. Although this has been, and continues to be, an incredibly challenging year for us all, students have still found the time to submit their work, and this has been truly humbling. We are passionate about creating a lasting platform, and this is only possible through the continued support of the students. We are extremely proud of this collection and can't wait to bring you more content in the future. But for now, we have to thank all of the people who made this second issue possible.

As always, we need to thank Dr Emma Doolan, who has mentored us on this project for almost two years now. Without her guidance and support Flunk Magazine wouldn’t be where it is today. Next, we need to thank our Art Director Matt Weismantel. One of our main goals is to create a publication that students can be proud of. Without Matt this wouldn't be possible. His artwork brings the magazine to life and he puts an incredible amount of work into it. He creates the cover, a hand-painted illustration for every story, and all of the artwork seen throughout the issue. He truly is a workhorse. Equally important is our designer Libby Lawler. She painstakingly designed the website to look and feel like a magazine. For this issue, she also spent extra time designing a cookbook for the online Fusion Festival, a project we hope to continue in the future. Every project she touches ends up feeling professional, functional, and fresh. And of course, a huge thanks to the student association LEXSA, who have backed this project both financially and supportively. Without them Flunk Magazine wouldn’t have got off the ground at all.


Lastly, and most importantly, to all our issue two contributors, the Southern Cross University authors and artists who submitted their work. This would not have been possible without you!

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